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有没有斯文一点嘞?? =D 

哟哟哟      时间过得好快嘞 =(
只有我   在那边堕落 >.<

没得回家啊 T^T
唉 ... 船到桥头自然直啦 @_@
超懒的我 ~ ~ ~
哇哈哈哈哈哈哈 =D

剪平平噜 xD 


Jit Sin (IND) High School Climbing Competition xD

Oh yeah ! I'm back luuuu =D huhu..
long time didn't update blog d
Have you miss me?
Bcause it is too lazy recently xD

Today, our skul organized a climbing competition, all students must participate
hehe .. we wear the same cloth ohh =D
Long time no climbing d,   wahhh .... a little breath ==  

so my clothes are covered with sweat >.< yiearrrrrr , too smelllllllly n geliiiii @-@ haha.

I do not wan to climb de laaaaa , because i am sooooo lazy ~
haisss , no idea >.< takkan wan ponteng sekolah? Nonono ! hahaa
nvm lah. long long one time xD haha..
otherwise , there is no chance after this lo... =)

0815 a.m...  We go there by bus and 0850a.m... We reach there ..
wahh,, there are so many ppl  =,=
we plan not to run , it's juz casually walk ~
hehee.. we are noob kiaaa laii.. bo lat to run de @,@''

We walked n walked away , then take a break , and continue to walk ,
repeat n repeat again ..
after 1 hours more , we finally reached the Mid-levels , although a bit hard ,
But I am very rewarding because I can on the Mid-Levels. muahaha =D

On the way, we sure have take some pic lahh .. kakax..
come on .. let us look at the photo xD

With my mao mao gong lo xD 

Hehe =) 

We juz reached there lo xD 

blablablaaaa .. 

My lovely classmate =D 

Showing their muscle @_@ lolss .. 

My partner Bak Bak Tan !! =D 

My dearest lorrrr xD 

hehe.. at Mid-Levels ald =D 

Mao Mao Ong ! =) 

Bak Bak Tan ! =) 

Mao Mao Ong n Bak Bak Tan ! xDD 

hehe.. Ah Yuan cute niaa xD 

Wowowowww ..all lengluii =D 

love u all harrr X)) hehe.. 

My Qu33n xD 


lolsss xD 

Guess who am us !! =D 

lolsssss =D 

El@ine n Bolaaa =D love u 2 !! 

with El@ine X)) 


yoyoyo! peace =D 

H.S teacher xDD 

Wow ! our headmaster lo~ !! haha 

our good mama =DD 

Well , it is time to end ..
see u all soon ohhhhh =D

Byeee ! =))